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debconfig: package description


from time to time, especially while upgrading a lot of packages I notice
debconfig questions for packages I do not know. This is of course quite
likely given the size of debian archive and the fact, that task packages
introduce a lot of packages one has not selected explecitely.

Some of those packages ask questions, which are hard to understand, if you
do not know what the package is all about.

Of course, one can argue, that this is a problem with the phrasing of the
question an should be fixed by a bug report, but I truely think that for
example explaining, what the package is all about should not be repeated in
every debconfig question.

Therefore I wonder if the various debconfig frontends cant support something
like displaying the package description. For the slang frontend for example
I would think that a footer with

foo: dealing with bar <f3 for more>

would do the trick. Where f3 opens a pop-up with the package description and

What do you think?

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