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Re: Debian conference in the US?

Manoj Srivastava dijo [Fri, May 23, 2003 at 12:05:08AM -0500]:
> 	It is easy to take actions secure in the feeling that there
>  are no consequences (which seems to be part of your complaint against
>  my goverment).

Not at all. I know that if your economy suffers, mine suffers doubly so.
Mexico is so heavily dependent on the US economy that if you enter a
mild recession we are in crisis... And it is not nice at all. However, I
often say -and this war over petroleum is a good example- that I hope
the US economy will suffer. I know that if this happens I will also
temporarily suffer the results. I am willing to. I justhope that Europe
comes out strengthened, that Europe can effectively become a second
superpower - I am not wishing this in order to harm your family. My
family suffers as well. I wish for this because it is fairier to the
world. In the world there are more families than yours and mine.

> 	Hmm. What if  I pass this mail around locally and
>  reciprocate. IU doubt if people in my community would be happy about
>  tis boycott.  This could get to be fun. I'll send it along to all my
>  relatives here in the US who put me on the chain lists. If we get
>  enough people in the US participating in this boycott, it may make a
>  difference.

I doubt this mail is worth much - I am no much good at writing in
English, specially if done just as a mail an swer in a tiring
flamewar...  But you can find myriads of interesting people expressing
basically the same all over the net.

> 	Since we all ugly americans, we may need to be educated about
>  where this .cx place is ;-)

As I told you, I am Mexican, and live in Mexico... Sadly, TLDs don't say
much about us - I got a .cx because they were for free for some time :)
- It is the Christmas Island, I understand that an Australian
protectorate, between Australia and Indonesia.


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