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Re: Debian conference in the US?

> That's funny considering just how many people are risking their LIVES to
> get here.  Then again, maybe its not, maybe its an insult to the ones
> who've died trying to get here over the years.

I don't think not wanting to go somewhere is an insult to other people who do 
want to go there.

> >  The DMCA is one problem.
> One which is not just a US headache.  The "EU Copyright Directive" is
> coming next, so where will all you Europeans run to when that law
> eventually comes into force?

1) It's fortuantely not here yet
2) Even the proposal is not as bad as DMCA and most countries will
   implement a much milder laws than suggested
3) Even if the DMCA was copied verbatim to Finland, I would prefer to
   get prosecuted near home where I know the culture and can speak
   my native language

> And this is also only a US problem?

Don't take us wrong, of course it's not. It's just that US IPR enforcement 
policies there are currently quite unpredictable and the general (or even 
*official*) attitude toward foreigners isn't exactly warm at the moment.

Please don't take it as a personal insult. I've visited USA multiple times, 
like especially NYC and have taken some very nice photos from the WTC etc. 
Still, even if I'm overly cautios, I just don't want to risk getting 
imprisoned in a foreign land for contributing to Transcode, for example. The 
situation may change in the future, of course.

I bet there are places where American Debian developer's don't feel safe to 
travel either but I doubt you mean it as an insult to people living there - 
or people wanting to move there.

- Jarno

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