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Re: Debian conference in the US?

Martin Schulze wrote:
Aaron M. Ucko wrote:

While convenient for american developers, there are rather a number of
non-american developers who will not set foot on American soil, due in
part to the DMCA and (I imagine) the apparent dangers to non-americans
coming into the country.

Two of the people I originally contacted said this too, but always in
the third person.  I ask again, who on this list actually still feels
this way?

I do.

Even though the US may be an interesting country for holidays, its
government has plastered so many limitations and violations of human
rights that I don't believe I'll ever visit the US again.

That's funny considering just how many people are risking their LIVES to get here. Then again, maybe its not, maybe its an insult to the ones who've died trying to get here over the years.

 The DMCA is one problem.

One which is not just a US headache. The "EU Copyright Directive" is coming next, so where will all you Europeans run to when that law eventually comes into force? Greed among businesses is universal, there are plenty of European companies who love that Copyright Directive and are pushing it hard. Yes, I know, only two EU members have enacted it so far, but there is too much Big Money behind it for it to fail, its just a matter of time (according to the 2 articles I read). BTW, you are aware the DMCA lost its last case in court over here, right? The story is not over, my gut says it will at least be amended eventually.

Surveillance and misuing personal data, e.g. gained from
the flight agencies are another one.

And this is also only a US problem? What about the public surveillance camaras in Britian and elsewhere? You think the Isrealis are laissez faire when it comes to who they allow on their planes? Big Brother is a problem everywhere, its only a problem here now because 9/11 was used as an excuse for a power grab. We have an independent judiciary that will eventually decide if they've grabbed too much.

 International politics is right another problem I dislike too much.

One bad President and all of America is suddenly evil? At most he has only about 6 more years, and there's a real chance it will only be about 2, but you've already written us all off huh, even though this President didn't even win the majority vote, you're lumping us all together as miscreants with no chance at salvation? I dislike politics period, all governments tend to behave selfishly, erratically, and stupidly, but that doesn't mean I'm going to draw up a DO-NOT-VISIT-THIS-COUNTRY-BECAUSE-I-DON'T-LIKE-THEIR-LEADER list. That's just silly.

> I rather stay a free person in a free country.

So do I, and I like it just where I am.

So do we REALLY want to turn this thread into yet another exercise in America bashing? If someone wants to sponsor a conference here, FINE, let them, for heaven's sakes! Most of the ones doing the bitching here would likely not come anyway because of the expense of getting here. And if the Europeans want to have a conference of their own, FINE, let them, for heaven's sake! Most Americans won't come not because we're boycotting French Fries, but because WE can't afford the travel either. Its not like there is some rule that says we can only have one conference at a time. This whole thread is getting ridiculous.

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