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Re: Debian conference in the US?

Aaron M. Ucko wrote:
> > While convenient for american developers, there are rather a number of
> > non-american developers who will not set foot on American soil, due in
> > part to the DMCA and (I imagine) the apparent dangers to non-americans
> > coming into the country.
> Two of the people I originally contacted said this too, but always in
> the third person.  I ask again, who on this list actually still feels
> this way?

I do.

Even though the US may be an interesting country for holidays, its
government has plastered so many limitations and violations of human
rights that I don't believe I'll ever visit the US again.  The DMCA is
one problem.  Surveillance and misuing personal data, e.g. gained from
the flight agencies are another one.  International politics is right
another problem I dislike too much.  I rather stay a free person in a
free country.

I don't object to a DebConf held in the U.S., though, but many people
will probably not even attend if somebody pays for their flight.
However, I would like DebConf's to be helt outside of the U.S.



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