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Re: ITO packages: ntop, apt-show-source

Sorry for replying to my own message. :)

On Wed, May 21, 2003 at 01:42:32PM +0200, Dennis Schoen wrote:
> Package: apt-show-source
> Description: Shows source-package information
>  This program parses the APT lists for source packages and the
>  dpkg status file and then lists every package with a different
>  version number than the one installed.
>  It's very useful if your deb-src sources.list entries point to
>  unstable and your deb entries point to stable.
OHURA Makoto <ohura@netfort.gr.jp> will take this one. He's currenly
in NM Process and will upload through his sponsor.

Thanks to everybody who has expressed interest in maintaining it.


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