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Re: Do not touch l10n files

Em Sat, 17 May 2003 20:27:34 +0000, "Andrew M.A. Cater"
<amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk> escreveu:

> 3. If there are two or more authoritative rule sets e.g. for 
> British/American/Canadian/Australian English [I don't know
> whether this is true - but it probably is] seek to come
> to an international consensus.  The standard British English
> text is Hart's Rules for Compositors (as used by Oxford University
> Press and the Oxford English dictionary).  This also includes
> elementary typesetting rules for other languages but does not
> claim to be authoritative for Spanish/Russian/Afrikaans etc.

There's really no need for such a consensus. We have different
locales for those different language variations, so they can be


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