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Re: Maintaining kernel source in sarge

On Mon, May 19, 2003 at 05:13:54AM +1000, Russell Coker wrote:

> Definately.  This should be done if only to avoid multiple copies of a 27M
> bzip2 archive wasting everyone's disk space and network bandwidth.
> Also regarding the i386 arch, multiple patches would be good.  Something
> in the i386 patch gives me lots of 'D' state processes, if the patch was
> separated into a few smaller patches then it would be easier to track down
> the cause.

The kernel-source diff used to be quite manageable; this iteration seems to
be much heavier than in the past (compare README.Debian).  IMO, our base
kernel-source diff should contain only things that absolutely everyone
wants, like security and critical fixes, and things necessary for our boot
process and kernel-image packages to work.  Fixing typos and compiler
warnings seems like it causes more problems than it solves, especially with
regard to patch conflicts.  "Value added" modifications would be more
manageable in a separate kernel-patch package.

> Next we need a mechanism for tracking which version of each patch was used in 
> the compilation.  Was your kernel compiled with version 0 of the security 
> patch or version 1 which has the ptrace fix?

See my notes about dh-kpatches elsewhere in this thread.

 - mdz

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