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Re: A strawman proposal: "testing-x86" (Was: security in testing)

#include <hallo.h>
* Björn Stenberg [Thu, May 15 2003, 01:18:57AM]:
> Theodore Ts'o wrote:
> > So let me make the following modest strawman proposal.  Let us posit
> > the existence of a new distribution, which for now I'll name
> > "testing-x86".
> I suggested the same thing a few weeks ago, with little reaction. Nice to see
> someone else got the same idea.

Not only you, Jerome and me were suggesting it in the past. However I am
afraid that the whole package movement machinery would have to be
rewritten to allow independent handling of the version in different
"testing" threes, plus there would appear some problems with porting of
the security fixes to all varios testing versions on different
plattforms. And don't forget, we need lots of man power to sort the
relevant RC bugs, and likely need something in the BTS to set
architecture marking tags.

> (And, to avoid the whole "testing is a release tool" debate, we could call it
> something else. 'trying', perhaps. ;-) )

Why another name? Just parallel existing versions in the testing, every
arch may have another one.

Es ist gut, eine Sache doppelt auszudrücken und ihr einen rechten und
linken Fuß zu geben. Auf einem Bein kann die Wahrheit zwar stehen; mit
zweien aber wird sie gehen und herumkommen.
		-- Friedrich Nietzsche

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