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Re: security in testing

* Matthias Urlichs (smurf@smurf.noris.de) wrote:
> Sven Luther wrote:
> > You again forget that debian is not x86 only, or do you expect Matthias
> > to have access to machines of all the supported arches ?
> >
> Right.

Wrong, as I pointed out in my other message.

> Besides, I don't want to do this on my own, I want to do this as part of 
> Debian. I don't yet know enough about the setup of testing-proposed-updates 

You were asking about 'the way things are done'; well, in general what
I see as 'the way things are done' are if you want it, do something
about it, whatever you can.  If it's a good idea other people will help
and eventually people will realize what a great thing it is and that it
should be part of Debian.  Asking Debian to give you everything you ask
for in hopes that you might do something just isn't the way it works.

> and the whole build structure in general to see clearly what needs to be done 
> to automate the process, or indeed whether the people responsible for it 
> would be OK with enhancing that along the lines of my proposal; my impression 
> is that t-p-o is mostly processed manually at the moment, like 
> stable-proposed-updates is, and it's under-used (t-p-o/main has a whopping 
> TWO source packages). That may be a chicken-and-egg problem.
> In other words, I don't want to reinvent any wheels -- I want to help make the 
> existing wheels run more smoothly.
> Anyway, I plan to start learning how to do this by setting up an autobuilder 
> for m68k (the machine which replaces my broken IIfx (you have no idea how 
> corrosive a run-down-and-leaking battery is -- I'll put some pics on my 
> homepage later today :-/ ) should arrive tomorrow.) and proceed from there.

I encourage you to learn about the build structure and set up your own
autobuilder, etc, etc.  I'm sure if you're patient and persistant enough
people will answer questions you have about the system, or point you to
where you can go read about it yourself.  Asking for Debian to supply
you with accounts and access to whatever without having done anything
isn't the way to go though- show us you can do it and that you can
handle it and you've got the time, etc.  As I said, if it's good, and
people like it then a) users will use it, b) others will help, and
following that Debian folks will be much more willing to have you do it
in a official capacity instead of on the side.


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