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Michael-John Turner MIA? (was: Debian MIA check)

On Tue 13 May 2003, James Troup wrote:

> Of the 191 pings were sent out:
>  o 34 people's ping bounced[1].
>  o 28 people replied asking to be retired.
>  o 29 people replied with various different responses.
>  o 10 people replied who were active.
>  o 90 people didn't reply within the 2 month deadline[2].

I've not had any response to a message I sent Michael-John Turner
<mj@debian.org> a couple of months ago, asking him about his status.
However, I don't see him on James' list.  According to echelon he's not
been seen since 10 Feb 2002.

It's about bugs in mrtg that caused me to look for him.
It may be necessary to hijack his packages if he is in fact MIA.
A search on Google doesn't show any recent activity either.

Paul Slootman

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