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Re: security in testing

On Thu, 15 May 2003 01:08:07 +0200, Björn Stenberg <bjorn@haxx.se> said: 

> Don Armstrong wrote:
>> Debian will always be for whoever the people contributing to Debian
>> are willing/want it to be for. No more, no less.

> Naturally, since it's free software. But saying "Debian is what we
> make it" doesn't answer the question what you _want_ it to be, only

	Heh. When I tell you what _I_ want it to be, you dismiss it as
 a joke. Or is it the case that you only want to hear what you want
 the snawer to be? 

> what has been done.

> Surely between the appointed leader, techical committee, policy
> committee, quality assurance team and the release management, there
> is some sort of shared idea of where Debian is heading?

	And pray how can these august bodies (BTW, there is no policy
 committee, just a mailing list) make things happen? Or lead the
 project in any particular direction? By withholding our christmas

> This is, after all, more than just a herd of cats.

	How on earth did you get that quaint idea? If you want a
 universally held firm direction, go read the social contract. That
 is as close as you are going to get.

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