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Re: security in testing

Chris Leishman <masklin@debian.org> writes:
> I care about security in testing, and I believe others do too.  But I
> don't think the process should be the same as with stable releases.
> Testing should not become another psudo stable distribution....it's
> for testing.  So I don't think security management needs to be
> anywhere near as comprehensive.

Why not? Testing would be my personal choice for running a desktop (or
laptop) Linux, were I not otherwise involved with Debian development.
The only bad thing is the non-existent security (I could live with
occasional critical bug but the level of critical bugs in unstable is
too much to bear for most users). There are, however, some pre-plans
afoot regarding that (more or less running the same process as with
stable, of course with different people responsible).

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