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Re: DebConf 3 for New Maintainers

On 14 May 2003, Joachim Breitner wrote:

> Hi, I tried this already on debian-mentors, but maybe the right persons are
> here:
The best list for this kind of discussion is probably debian-events-eu.

> I am considering going to DebConf 3. Now Oslo is not really close (I
> live in southern germany), and being a High School student, I would have
> to argue with my principal whether I may go or not during school time,
> so it should be worth the money and effort.
I doubt that you will get any better education than at Debcamp.  By the
way what kind of school is it which has no holidays at this time?

> Well enough introduction; my main question is: Would it make sense for
> me to attend Debcamp. Maybe my idea about DebCamp is wrong, but it
> sounds as if it is just a very large debian hacking session, so one
If I guess from the first Debian conference in Bordeaux than a large
Debian hacking session might be the right word.  At


you can find some images / impressions by James Bromberger and links to
other peoples photo collections.  A good feeling about such sessions might
give for instance


and others. (By chance you can find our current DPL in the blue T-Shirt on
this image.)  If you ask me it was one of my most productive times to work
for Debian.

> needs to have something to hack on, and something to hack with. Would I
> find a task there, or should I make sure I have one beforehand?
The main task I addressed there was fixing RC bugs.  We made a list at the
white board where people announced to work on a package.  (I remember that
I was browsing the packages in reverse alphabetical order.)  If you look at
the current list of RC bugs it is more work than you could manage in this
time and this situation will hardly be changing drastically until July.

The fun thing is that you have lots of competent people to get help solving
bugs and ironing out new bugs you might notice while working on these packages.
As I said in the beginning: No better education is possible.

> Do I have to bring my own PC?
I would recommend this.  When I was in Bordeaux in 2000 without my own Laptop
it was much less fun. :-(  The educational effect decreases drastically!

> What are your experiences, and what would you suggest a debian (the
> project, not the distro) newbie?
If you know the distro you know the unsolved problems.  If you have trouble
finding problems which might be solved I would volunteer to compile a
list. ;-))

Kind regards


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