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Re: Returning from "vacation". (MIA?)

On Tue, 13 May 2003 23:27:31 -0500, Clay Crouch <danno@danno.tzo.com> said: 

> Hmmm.... An ettiquette lesson before a "welcome back" and a work
> assignemnt, just because you find my anti-spam measures draconian
> and my filter bypass info in my sig to be annoying.

> Charming, to be sure....

> Pleased to meet you....

> *plonk*

	Ah yes. Another of the special little people for whom the
 rules of ettiquette do not apply.

> And yes.... I am fully aware of "nettiquette" and it's dim view on
> long sigs. I had planned to trim out the text that caused you so
> much angst after a few transmissions, once anyone here who might
> give a damn had actually seen it.

> I drop that tagline into any new places I venture about 5 times
> before I trim it, as a standard practice. Since I've been gone a
> while, d-d sort of qualifies as "new" for the purpose, don't ya
> think?

	Yes, all the aforementioned lusers always have special
 circumstances due to which the rules that apply to other do
 not apply to them, or at least not for this one instance.

	You better hope to high heaven that you never need har from me
 or secretary@d.o; for I refuse to jump through silly hoops. 

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