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Re: Do not touch l10n files (was Re: DDTP issue)


I am french and I don't regard the 'Imprimerie Nationale' rules as binding.
We are still a free country.

Do we have such standard document for the original english description ?
No, and there is no dedicated team to review them.

I think we should focus on provided accurate description not
typographically correct one. Keeping things simple so that 
Debian maintainers can understand what is coming along with the
translation is important, because they have the final responsibility
of the package.

Telling them 'you do not speak french, so don't try to understand' is
not acceptable. I do speak french and I have often trouble to understand 

If you have a problem with the original translation, please ask the
maintainer before doing the translation. We should work with him and
not against him.


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