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Re: Please notify the maintainers when removing packages

* Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> [2003-05-07 10:29]:
> [Gerfried Fuchs]
>> I'm in the impression that no packages were removed without prior
>> notice of the RM to dda (and I'm _not_ speaking of the weekly RC bug
>> summary mails). Do you have any hints that there were packages
>> removed without a seperate mail?
> I suspect you got the wrong impression, as I haven't seen anyone
> mentioning on dda that they were going to remove abiword.  Not qcad
> either.

 Is it removed? No. So please shut down the conspiracy discussions,

 Personally I still think that the switch to cvs for abiword with the
reasoning "Before bitching me, think what "sid" is all about." is really
strange, but that is something that the package maintainer has to
justify if it really gets removed. Again, it _isn't_.

> I fail to see how one can ignore the fact that some developers are
> busy, with debian related or non-debian related things, and that a
> mail telling them that one of their packages are likely to give these
> developers a heads up and get them to increase the priority on the
> packages in question.

 I fail to see how one can ignore the fact that no removal happens
without prior explicit notice in a _seperate_ mail to dda. And I fail to
see how one can be ignorant and say more or less "the RM should ask each
maintainer if they object that the package is removed" when it is rather
a much better way to speed things up if the maintainers notice shortcome
of time or similar in their RC bugreports per mail themself.

> I've sent emails to the maintainers of packages I care about when they
> were scheduled for removal, and several ov these thanked me for the
> warning and told me they would look into the case.

 We are not in a kindergarden where everyone must have everything
pointed out over and over again. A RC bug report should be enough to get
them their ass moving.

 So long,
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