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Re: Please notify the maintainers when removing packages

[Gerfried Fuchs]
> I'm in the impression that no packages were removed without prior
> notice of the RM to dda (and I'm _not_ speaking of the weekly RC bug
> summary mails). Do you have any hints that there were packages
> removed without a seperate mail?

I suspect you got the wrong impression, as I haven't seen anyone
mentioning on dda that they were going to remove abiword.  Not qcad

I fail to see how one can ignore the fact that some developers are
busy, with debian related or non-debian related things, and that a
mail telling them that one of their packages are likely to give these
developers a heads up and get them to increase the priority on the
packages in question.  This work.  I've sent emails to the maintainers
of packages I care about when they were scheduled for removal, and
several ov these thanked me for the warning and told me they would
look into the case.

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