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Re: Non-free mrouted

On Sun, May 04, 2003 at 10:22:21PM +0800, Isaac To wrote:
> But I think a software package can be termed as non-free in Debian only if
> it violate some particular clause of DFSG.

Not true.  Things are termed non-free by Debian when they aren't Free
Software.  Debian's mission is to provide a distribution that is 100%
Free Software.  "We promise to keep the Debian GNU/Linux Distribution
entirely free software." [1]

The DFSG is a tool to help us determine what is Free Software and what
is not.

A thing can be non-free without violating any particular clause of the
DFSG.  That is why we have the Debian Free Software *Guidelines*, and
not a Debian Free Software *Definition*.

> What I want to know is which clause of the mrouted license violate
> DFSG, and which particular clause of DFSG.

It may be that it does not violate any particular clause of the DFSG.
That is not, however, dispositive.

[1] http://www.debian.org/social_contract

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