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Re: Status of Sarge Release Issues (Updated for May)

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 08:50:21AM +0200, Thomas Hood wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-05-06 at 00:17, Chris Cheney wrote:
> > I have read that Linus is planning to have 2.6 released before July and
> > have 2.7 open for commits by Kernel Summit time (July).
> Yes, but it may take another year for Linux 2.6 to stabilize,
> especially on non-i386 architectures.  The fact that Linus

Is there a working kernel 2.4.x for m68k (mac sub-arch) yet? The last
time I looked there wasn't and 2.4 has been out since Jan 2001. Waiting
for all the archs that debian supports to have working 2.6 support
probably isn't a good idea. Though waiting until debian-installer
supports is probably good. ;)

Also don't forget many features don't get backported to older kernels
and since 95%+ of the market is x86 we do want to be able to support
installations on new x86 hardware. For example, I can't install woody at
all on this machine, its 2.2 kernel doesn't have hardware support for my
x86 and its 2.4 kernel is too old (2.4.18) and has bugs so I can't
install with it either. Once 2.4.21 is released it will have proper
support for my x86 system, which isn't uncommon being an Athlon chipset
VIA KT400 (released Aug 16 2002, 9 months old already), its mainly due
to the fact that marcelo is taking a long time between 2.4 releases now.

2.4.18 - Feb 25 2002
2.4.19 - Aug  3 2002
2.4.20 - Nov 28 2002
2.4.21 - May ?? 2003	(2.4.21-rc1-ac4 is current as of today)


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