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Please do not use linux.debian.* mail2news gateway for anything but ro-access

You might have noticed that some threads on Debian mailinglists have
completely broken threading. Putting broken MUAs aside the main reason
is usually that people read the list as linux.debian.* /Newsgroup/
and send fups as Mails to the respective @lists.debian.org address.

Please do not do that. This mail2news-gateway replaces any message-id
in Message-ID- and References-headers with
<somerandomstring@gated-at.bofh.it> which breaks threading, an
example: <[🔎] 20030502131325.GC2785@asgard.pte.at> on d-d, has three
@gated-at.bofh.it ids in its references instead of the correct
<20030429174532.GE883@gwolf.cx> <20030429191144.GV26352@cheney.cx>
and is therefore threaded below the thread-root instead of at the
correct place.

If you want to read the lists in your favorite NUA please use
nntp://news.gmane.org (docs at http://news.gmane.org/) - This one even
includes the news2mail-counterpart, so you can send fups as postings
instead of playing tricks with your NUA (of course you can choose to
keep sending them as mails to lists.debian.org, gmane does not rewrite
the ids, so you won't break threading).

        cu andreas

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