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Re: libstdc++... Help please

* Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> [2003-04-29 19:11]:
> Testing in almost all cases is worse than unstable.

 For whom?  Depends on what you think testing should be used for.

> Two major reasons, it doesn't get security updates at all,

 It is mentioned over and over again, noted almost everywhere. And it
was mentioned again and again that you should feel free to start a
security team for testing, noone will hold you back. The think is that
noone seems to be really interested in _working_ on security updates
for testing, only interested in complaining about them not being there.

 But according to your buglist I don't think that you would be good
in that position, so please just stop complaining, for you don't add
anything new to the discussion which just holds up others from doing
bugfixes, thanks.

> and two you don't even know what bugs are in it since they get closed
> when the bug is fixed in unstable.

 Oh, so you found out the problem with the BTS, too? Nice, but keep in
mind that it was mentioned already, too. Feel free to reopen such closed
bugs and tag them sarge, as long as you are sure that the version in
testing still has the problem. Noone holds you back to do that neither,
and it might teach some maintainers to think about it, too.

 So long!
"Es gibt in diesem Netz Gute und Böse. Wer die Bösen sind,
entscheiden die Guten." (Michael Ottenbruch in de.admin.news.regeln)

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