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Re: Tag types - reorganizing all tags - task force

> What was the point of calling these tags?  Why not keywords?

"keywords" has led to a couple of misunderstandings. Keywords are
sometimes used as additional terms for text searches (like an invisible
part of the text to be searched), and is suggesting things like
"substring" search, synonyms and the problem of words with multiple
meanings or different interpretations.
Like "gnome" purely for the User Interface and "gnome" for stuff like
bonobo, oaf, gconf etc. - we use "ui:gnome" vs. "desktop:gnome" vor
these, but these aren't "words" strictly speaking any more.
I think the term "tag" reflects this better, that one attaches some
- well, tags... hmm... items? - to the packages and operates on these.
Do you have some other suggestions how to call these
"descriptions of (ideally) atomic properties"?

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