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Tag types - reorganizing all tags - task force

for the new package browser we need some task-force which "designes" the
available tags, their implications and their descriptions / useage
We really do need your feedback and contribution here: this is getting
way too big to do myself properly.

Please send replies to the deb-usability list, as i'm not subscribed to
debian-devel right now (too high load for me currently).
When reading my plans below, please do always keep in mind that a
package may have multiple tags.

Right now i'm considering using the following "structure" of tags:
Structure in the sense that the tags have certain "types".

First of all we have "user interface" tags.
That includes: gtk, qt, ncurses, fb but also web-interface, cli.
Should we also add some "scripting" ui tag?

Then we have sometimes a desktop-environment-"membership", currently i'm
aware of gnome, kde, gnustep/wmaker, xfce

I'm planning to introduce a new kind-of-application tag type, that will
contain things like:
- editor
- viewer
- converter
- browser
- data organization
- printing
- utility (?)
  - configuration utility
  - automatic processing (?)
- recording (?, maybe consider this as "audio+editor" / "video+editor"?)
- applet (? is this a kind-of-application? doesn't this belong to
  desktop environments?)
- client, server (same as in "net" type. unsure about client - every
  client should have some editor/viewer/browser tag...)
- daemon (like tmpreaper, local logging etc.)
- games and toys
What should we use for things like icq,irc,xterm apps?

Then i'm considering a "filetype tag", that is the data format the
application does work on if applicable. That does include
- audio
- video
- graphics (pixel images, vector images)
- html
- xml / sgml
- plain text
- tex
- office documents (word etc.)
- foreign data (word, too ;)
- spreadsheets
- databases
- cds
- source (maybe equiv. to development?)

The "network support" structure will probably be similar to the one in
place now. the actual "net" section will probably be renamed to
"network and communication" and the "modem" section will be moved in
there. I guess i will also group the protocols together (that is smtp,
pop3, http and such because they are similar)

The "development" structure will also recieve a small change, grouping
the programming languages together in a "devel::lang" tag (which
probably should be used implicit only)

Then there will be special tags, like
meta-packages, junior apps (other subprojects that would like to have
such tags, please contact me), obsolete packages, data packages,
educational and such.

The are many other tags which are kind of "topic" tags (actually devel
and network types belong to these as well) for many other issues of

Please send feedback on "taggeable" information you find useful.
If you are interested in contributing, please activate your alioth
account or create a new one and join the deb-usability project.
Tags are being edited in CVS there right now. I will ocassionally import
that file into the web tagging system.

BTW: if you have tagged some packages using enricos tools, you can send
me a diff file via mail, i can import these into the web tagging system.

Erich Schubert
   erich@(vitavonni.de|debian.org)    --    GPG Key ID: 4B3A135C    (o_
          There are only 10 types of people in the world:           //\
          Those who understand binary and those who don't           V_/_

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