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Re: go on from console or do it in x-environment?

* Halil Demirezen <halild@bilmuh.ege.edu.tr> [030501 19:30]:
> Hi, For about a long time i am planning to develop a code for network
> packets. In fact, :) that is not for network packets. It is intended
> to do so some arping, iping and tcping -- that is implemeting these
> kind of layer. However, i could not come to an end what i can be look
> like. In fact what it is going to do in fine details. 
> For you all who can comment, may i go on doing it console-based? or
> x-environment.

Presinally, I prefer command-line-based and curses-based programs to GUIs.

Note, you can always write a GUI wrapper for your text based
application... but you cannot do the reverse.


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