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MPEG4IP packaging

[Disclaimer: Sorry for the cross-posting, I didn't know the best place
to ask, so I'll ask on both.
And please CC me cause I got out of d-devel and never been on d-legal]

I was thinking of packaging the MPEG4IP[1] set of tools, but before I
ITP it, I decided to check if there's any problem with it.
I just got this weird feeling that something is not right about this
software, without actually having seen any problem...
The software packages an mp3 encoder (builds with liblame-dev), but
theoreticaly it can run only with AAC support (which I think is a free
format, but I don't know for fact), which would eliminate that problem.
Does anyone recall a previous discussion on the matter?

Thanks for the attention

[1] http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/


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