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Re: fixed libstdc++5 package

Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:

> Sure, you have a choice. Use the stable distribution. 

i find this very annoying. every time a discussion like this happens
the canned response is always: use the stable distribution. i have no
problem using unstable. i understand there could be problems, and i am
willing to fix them. i've been using unstable now for almost 8 years
so i think i can handle it.

> I am open to proposals to do this better. Make conflicting
> libstdc++5 and libstdc++5-3.3 packages is not suitable, as with the
> first package dependent on libstdc++5-3.3 you are forced to install
> this version anyway.

that will happen when gcc-3.3 becomes the default compiler. in the
meantime gcc-3.2 is the default so i don't think there are any
packages out there that depend on the (hypothetical) libstdc++5-3.3.

> And no, it's not testing, it's the transition to gcc-3.3.

this transition has (is?) been happening in a very haphazard way. the
only discussion on the debian-gcc list related to this that i can
remember had to do with hppa (this was back in march). then suddenly
libstdc++5 3.3pre0 showed up (even before gcc 3.2.3 final). just make
gcc-3.3 the default compiler and keep everything in sync (the
development headers and the library that is) since it looks like you
really want to use gcc-3.3 anyway.


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