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Re: fixed libstdc++5 package

Alex Romosan writes:
> Matthias Klose <doko@cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> > Alex Romosan writes:
> >> shouldn't everything be consistent (the development package and the
> >> library)? can somebody please explain why this decision was made?
> >> thanks.
> >
> > The ABI of gcc-3.2's libstdc++ is compatible to gcc-3.3's libstdc++
> > (modulo bugs). gcc-3.3's libstdc++ introduces new symbols only.
> >
> > What do you want to be consistent?
> the -dev package and the library package. the abi might be the same,
> but they are obviously making changes to symbols in 3.2 not only
> adding new symbols for 3.3.

If there are changes in the exported symbols, then the ABI is not the
same. Additions of symbols are handled by the dpkg dependency system.

> i just think it would make more sense that
> when compiling with gcc 3.2 (which is the default compiler for debian
> unstable) to actually link against libstdc++ from 3.2 not from 3.3
> (and then the recent breakage would've probably not happened).

recent breakage = "modulo bugs"

You cannot have two libstdc++5 with the same shared object name.

Wait until gcc-3.3 gets released upstream and we will make it the
default compiler.

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