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Re: Backporting a package from unstable to stable

Junichi Uekawa <dancer@netfort.gr.jp> wrote:
>> Is it as simple as using something like pbuilder and tweaking the 
>> Build-Depends to match the versions of the packages that are in stable?

> To answer the question, the answer is 'no, not always'.

> You need some try-and-error, and usually backporting one package
> requires backporting of another. However, many people do it due to 
> their needs.

> The biggest stumbling block is probably debhelper; if you could ignore
> that, things would be pretty straightforward (in most cases).

Other stumbling blocks include po2debconf and (for library packages)
the GCC 3.2 transition - if you are backporting libfoo1c102 you have
to either undo the the transition and re-rename the package again or
compile it with a backport of GCC3.2.
                   cu andreas

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