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Re: Announcing Debian Package Tags

> > - policy should require that tags are added
> This is going to be problematic.  I think it would be better to have an
> override system where missing tags can be added by a central authority,
> rather than trying to force all maintainers to add tags or be NMUed.

Of course. they can be overriden the same way the section "gnome" was
overridden for these packages. So no uploads would be required, but the
packages can just be updated with their next uploads. Maybe some will
stay in the override file for a long time even.

I should also look at the localized-apt announced yesterday. This might
be nice to integrate. After all not everybody uses tag information, so
maybe we could keep those separate (i guess it's ~150kb gzipped)

> Speaking of adding tags, I've categorized a bunch of packages through the
> CGI interface, and while I appreciate its simplicity, it isn't very
> efficient for categorizing large numbers of packages.  I would be willing to
> put together some simple command line tools to accelerate the process, if
> you have not done this already.

Well, i have the basic tools there, i can do mass changes even matching
on package description or long description.
Basically anything i can SELECT from the DB and process in perl ;)

I planned to add a "upload" facility, where you can upload a
package: +tag, -tag
style diff file (or what ever diff format enricos tools have)
but i havn't had time to do so yet.
However when you send me such things i will hurry to do these changes.

The interface is lacking another big point: it doesn't yet automatically
add "implicit" tags - the tags "below" one tag in the tree structure -
so right now you have to add "devel" as well as "devel::lang::perl"
if you want to have the system work properly.

Yesterday i introduced another improvement: the interface doesn't form
subcategories that contain more than 80% of the matching packages.
That is, when you select "devel::lang::perl" but not "devel" it won't
provide you with the selection "devel" only, but provide a reasonable
list of useful choices. ;)

Still the system is way to slow and i fear slashdot...


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