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Re: Announcing Debian Package Tags

On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 07:55, Enrico Zini wrote:
> Hello.
> The size of Debian increases, and the Sections: system has proven unable to
> scale to keep pace with it.  There has been much consensus around a multiple
> tags per package solution, and now, yes, it has become a reality.

Wow, this looks very cool!  Great work.

Some questions for you:

1) In general what work do you see remaining to do before Debian can
adopt this system?  It would be nice to make aptitude aware of these
tags for example. 
2) Do you forsee tags being maintained outside of the packages in the
future?  For developing the tag system this makes sense, but it seems to
me that maintainers should have more direct control over this somehow.

Further, I'd like to add a new tag to the vocabulary for use with Debian
Desktop; this tag would reflect the overall "specialization" of the
package.  A lot of packages in Debian are highly specialized,
interesting only to a relatively small percentage of our users; the
bioinformatics stuff is a good example.  So I am thinking of something
like this:


Basically I would want the Debian Desktop distribution to mainly include
"general-appeal" sort of software.  Also, a tag to reflect the expected
user experience level for a piece of software might be be nice.  This
overlaps a little with the specialization.  Say:


My ultimate goal is to have software like rhythmbox (low specialization,
easy to use) be very prominent in the default Debian Desktop package

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