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Re: /run and read-only /etc

This one time, at band camp, Thomas Hood wrote:
>  * base-files
>      Add /run/ directory

 #191036: create /run for programs that run before /var is mounted

>  * pam, shadow
>      Allow either /etc/nologin or /run/nologin to prevent nonroot login

 #191037: Allow both /etc/nologin and /run/nologin to prevent non-root logins
 #191038: Allow both /etc/nologin and /run/nologin to prevent a non-root user from logging in

>  * sysvinit:
>      Touch /run/nologin (not /etc/nologin) when there is a delay
>      before a shutdown.

 #191041: use /run/nologin instead of /etc/nologin for preventing non-root logins during shutdown

>  * util-linux
>      Use /run/mtab for mount's statefile

 #191042: use /run/mtab for storing mount's state

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