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Re: i386 compatibility & libstdc++

At 12:52 27/04/2003 -0400, you wrote:
On Sat, 2003-04-26 at 03:56, Chris Cheney wrote:

> I also find it hard to believe that the majority of our users do not
> have or can not purchase a system that is less than 7 years old.

I have a brand new 486-class system with 32MB of RAM. It's less than 6
months old.

Please explain how I can get a similar system, running on a similar
amount of power, and with no moving parts (i.e., no fans) using, even a

Hey! Where did you get that from?
I'd love to have one of those ( specially if they came in a 19" 1U form factor or similar !!! )

There are many uses for Debian other than your GNOME or KDE desktop.

Surely. This is why i proposed keeping everything compiled for 486 or higher -- that's where the upstream split is, too ... ( we would then need just an small subset of the packages recompiled for i386's libstdc++ ABI )


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