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Re: Samsung ML-1210 + Gimp-print

n Fri, Apr 25, 2003 at 07:13:03PM +0000, Martin Wheeler wrote:
> Has anyone solved the problem of getting a Samsung ML-1210 to print
> (over USB cable connection) using CUPS and Gimp-print?  (Foomatic,
> actually.)
> I have no printing problems whatsoever now (that I know of, anyway),
> _except_ for printing from gimp (always worked beautifully with my
> other printers in the past).

Dear Martin,

Try changing the printing command to "lpr -Pprinter" instead of
gimp-print's default of "lp -s -dprinter -oraw". That's how I managed
to get my Lexmark E210 (same gs engine: gdi) to print from The Gimp
1.3 under CUPS. Foomatic doesn't seem to like raw input in this
case. Hope this helps.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew "Netsnipe" Lau

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