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Re: perl and libtk-img

Michel Loos <loos@qt1.iq.usp.br> writes:

> Em Qui, 2003-03-27 às 19:38, David N. Welton escreveu:
> > [ Please CC me in replies ]

> > Hi, I have emailed the guy who submitted this bug, with no answer.
> > Any Perl people want to have a look at it and see if the problem
> > behavior is still there?

> > http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=142998

> The trouble with this bug is that Tk::JPEG is not in debian, you
> must get it from CPAN.  I use it on instable after debianizing and
> have no troubles.

> The message showed in this bug is same on Windows with ActivePerl
> packages. Seems to be a problem with an old version of Tk::JPEG

Ah, ok, thankyou very much for the clarification!

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