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libmysqlclient12 is GPL *not* LGPL

I send this first here to doublecheck that I do not make a complete
ass out of myself ;-)

You might not have noticed but libmysqlclient12 from MySQL 4 is
licensed GPL, i.e. you have got problems when linking against non-GPL
software at the same time. The LGPLed libmysqlclient10 and
libmysqlclient10-dev from MySQL 3 have been resurrected by
Steve Langasek.

Afaict at least the following packages seem to need changes because
they Build-Depends on either libmysqlclient-dev or libmysqlclient12-dev
together with libssl-dev and produce a package that depends on
libmysqlclient* and libssl*

libdbd-mysql-perl (bug #189164)

Most packages either have switched back to libmysqlclient10-dev or
didn't change to libmysqlclient-dev at all.
               cu andreas

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