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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

On Mon, Apr 21, 2003 at 11:14:05AM +0100, Matt Ryan wrote:
> It's also worth considering that perhaps there is a language difference
> (does Hans have English as a first language?) that make it seem that the
> email seem harsher than it really is. Many Europeans are naturally very
> honest with what they say and at first this comes across as been rude/blunt
> etc (especially to people who rarely consider the world outside there own
> borders).

Nice try, but Hans is an ugly American, I'm afraid.  (Born and bred in
California?)  Went to grad school in Berkeley, but left because no one
listened to his ideas.....

						- Ted

P.S.  This is the first I've heard about GPLv3 having the equivalent
of an advertising clause (in fact, it's worse than an advertising
clause, since at least the BSD advertising clause was only in
documentation, not in the program startup messages).  Given the FSF's past
position on the BSD advertising clause, it seems... surprising... to
me that RMS would put such a clause in GPLv3.  I am eagerly awaiting
to hear RMS's views on the subject.

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