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Re: If Debian decides that the Gnu Free Doc License is not free...

Jarno Elonen wrote:

the frontend's "About" box?

"About" buttons are an abomination, like the term open source, they gutlessly pretend to be what they are not in an attempt to please by dissembling.;-) First time users go to them expecting to find out what the program does, and instead they get the name of the author and remain just as puzzled about what the program itself is for as they were before. I hate them. I never click on them.

I want the same visibility of credits for reiserfs that movies give for their actors. I don't want the distro choosing how they are displayed because some distros do things like create boot time splash screens that tell about themselves instead of the authors, and so I have to say that their track record demonstrates that they cannot be trusted with that task. I think the authors should be the ones to decide how to list the credits. Any end user should of course be free to delete all the credits he wants to.

If someone wants to create a boot program and/or screensaver that picks a random OS component to describe the authors of at boot time, that would be nicest of all.


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