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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Hans Reiser wrote:
> Feel free to make the credits more CPU efficient, reformat them to fit a 
> screen, animate them, anything that adheres to the academic attribution 
> spirit of respecting those who contributed years of their lives at the 
> cost of substantial reductions in their lifetime incomes so that users 
> (I don't care in the least about distros) could be free to modify the 
> code, and the poor able to afford the same information infrastructure as 
> all the rest of us.

Just for the record, what is it exactly what it being talked about?
Is it about the 21 line long list of sponsors (DARPA, Hans Reiser, SuSE,
MP3.com, Bigstorage.com) that the program outputs (Marcelo Magallon
posted the list today), or is it about the omission of credits and
attributions in some README or AUTHORS file? 

The first few quotes lines about "CPU efficient, reformat them..." suggest
that it is the former, but "spirit of respecting those who contributed
year of their lives at the cost..." (and the remainder of your
e-mail) suggest the latter (or suggests at least that it is something
else than the list of sponsors). 

> Now, another person has suggested that this was due to an error rather 
> than deliberate action.  I would be happy to apologize if this is the 
> case.   I am not sure it is.

I am sure that the output from the program has been deliberatly
modified; if some README or AUTHORS file has been omitted from the
documentation it was very likely an accident and then there is no
reason for this lengthy discussion - the maintainer can just put the
omitted file back.

Peter van Rossum <petervr@debian.org>

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