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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

> Heh. First you bad mouth Joey Hess. And now you go up against
>  Ben Collins. And both times you take what I consider impolitic
>  stances  that show poor judgment (even ignoring the fact that you
>  are, with nothing whatsoever to back it up) some of the most
>  respected developers in Debian.
> I applaud this masterly demonstration of a nadir of cluelessness.
> I suppose this is accomplishment of a sort.

Ignore me then if I don't rate in your view. On the other hand you could try
to educate me, but I guess I'm too dumb for that. Perhaps if you removed the
Debian prune from your ass I may take some notice. A Linux distribution is
not worth getting so excited over in the grand scheme of things!


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