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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

Of course as you already know emacs includes so many thing unrelated to
editing that anyone using it has already decided they don't mind the
bloat.  *OT* Really is there any argument that a psychoanalysis program
in an editor is not bloat? By the way emacs21 takes 50MB to install (vim
takes 15MB), and yes a full KDE install takes more at around 254MB to
install but it could be argued it provides more functionality. ;)  Of
course KDE can also be seen as bloat to people enjoying using command
line tools or flipping the switches on their altair. ;) *OT*  The point
I was trying to make was that adding bloat for no good reason at all,
in this case over a screenfull of advertising to a console util harms
its usability.


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