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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

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Am Sonntag, 20.04.03, um 01:06 Uhr (Europe/Zurich) schrieb Chris Cheney:

First of all emacs is pure bloat so who cares what it does... Vim has
one line about Ugandan orphans at startup, until now I didn't even
notice it was there. If had been pages of crap like what is spewed from
mkfs.reiserfs it would have probably been removed as well, unless it
was against Vim's license, which happens not to be GPL. As far as I can
tell if it annoyed someone enough it is legal under Vim's license to
remove the Uganda message as well, they only require the license text
itself to remain with the application.  A GPLv3 allowing spamware would
be very annoying, I hope it doesn't happen. If anything this stupid
reiserfs spamware should be spewed before the program runs, not after,
so that the user can see what actually occured without having to scroll
back up, which depending on their console type might be difficult.


All I can say to this is: use what you like, resp. if you don't like bloated software or spamware do not use it. My point is, that it should be a right of the original authors of the software to include credits. If someone else does a complete rewrite of the software, okay than we can discuss it, but if the rewrite means only the removal of the credits it is questionable.

But first of all, before we continue this discussion: What exactly has been removed? A readme file, the outputs during boot time, the outputs of mkfs.reiserfs? Has this output any impact on the usability of the software, so that there were good reasons the remove it? Has the license been violated by removing the credits?


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