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Re: Do we need policy changes?

> > other distributions), but the last (user-relevant) step of the setup is
> > not user-friendly at all.
> Then work at improving it.  UTF8 in Debian is _very_ imature still, and even
> a "how to make your package UTF-8 friendly" document that you could write (and
> posted to d-devel and d-desktop if you don't know better places to put it
> in, since someone will read it and update the other stuff with it if it is
> good enough) would help things immensely.

That document would certainly be a good idea, and I would take it to 
heart. I would certainly love to make my prospective packages as UTF-8 
(and i18n in gerenal) friendly as possible.

Morgon Kanter	GPG key ID: 297CEA5B
If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, there'd be 
peace. -- John Lennon

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