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Re: Do we need policy changes?

Moin Henrique!
Henrique de Moraes Holschuh schrieb am Sunday, den 20. April 2003:

> On Sun, 20 Apr 2003, Nikolai Prokoschenko wrote:
> > The point is actually that deb??an (and others) doesn't care much about
> > internationalization, no matter what they say. I'm just trying to be
> Go away.  

Come on, is fscking wish reports a good way to communicate with users?

> If you think something is actively being i18n/l10n unfriendly, file a bug
> against that.  The correct severity is either grave (if it is a required

Against what? Who is to blame? Who cares? For example, as user, I would like
mlterm to work with UTF8 out of the box when I install (bogus)
utf8-environment package plus language-ru? See #186983 and tell us how
you, as maintainer, could _ensure_ that the damn thing works (with the
best font for this charset environment) _and_ works like the user expects it.

Yes, you may say that this is something debian-desktop should work with,
but a) who is debian-desktop and b) how should debian-desktop (whoever
it is, most likely the each maintianer) deal with it without having a
sane structure to make things flexible?

And before you do not have the answer or if you did never work in a
complelete UTF-8 environment at all (or permanently charset-switching
environment), please think twice befre you raise your voice.

> dependency of anything that is i18n/l10n-friendly, and thus it is breaking
> that thing's l10n/i18n support), or normal otherwise.  
> And the fix for that bug might not be what you expect, AND still be a proper
> fix.

Oh please, he is a pure USER. It is nasty to deal with charset switching
in every program, you have to find out how to do it, you have to find
out what maintainers forgot, you have to do some research with apt-cache
to locate and replace some packages with the UTF-8 versions. I do not
say that UTF-8 support on Debian is generaly bad (or worse than with
other distributions), but the last (user-relevant) step of the setup is
not user-friendly at all.

Wir wissen nicht was wir tun, das aber mit System!

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