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Re: stop abusing debconf already

Andre Luis Lopes wrote:
> Hmm, future plans really seems to be quite interesting. Is there a
> mailing list dedicated to discussing debconf ideas and implementation I
> could subscribe to ?
> I saw that there's a link to an ancient "Config" mailing list at
> kitenet, but it seems not to be active anymore since all that I can see
> from its recent archives are lots of spam.
> Better integration with dpkg, a SQL backend, debconf-2.0 and almost
> everything which was said in future plans seems to be too much
> interesting for us to be out of the fun :-)
> Maybe a debian-debconf mailing list could be created in order to host
> future debconf discussions ?

Yes the config list is dead. Why don't you set up a list on alioth. 

debconf-2.0 is only waiting on the latest debconf getting into testing
before we begin that transition. All the rest is waiting on someone to
do the work.

see shy jo

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