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Re: plagiarism of reiserfs by Debian

>> all that was removed was *code* that gets compiled.  If the maintainer 
>> cannot arbitrarily change any code he wants, then it is not clear that 
>> the program is DFSG-free.

> Amen. Making part of the code immutable is not what I call free
> software. What if I want to use parts of the code and I respect the
> copyright and license...does that mean I also have to take this part of
> the code and output the credits? What if environment doesn't provide a
> way to output the credits. What if I am implementing the reiser tools on
> an embedded system that will never show any such output?

> What about programs that execute the reiserfs tools (like bootup
> scripts)...are they not allowed to redirect or filter this output?

> If any of this is questionable, then I suspect reiserfs tools isn't DFSG
> compliant and belongs in non-free with all it's flakiness.

 Wow..  what  an  reaction  :).  Hans's  original message was that the
 credits  were  not included with the distributed files, nothing else.
 Or am I completely mistaken?

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