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Re: stop abusing debconf already

At  7:22 pm, Saturday, April 19 2003, Denis Barbier mumbled:
> I do not understand exactly what is good and bad use of debconf.
> For instance all questions asked by the debconf package have good default
> values, so there is no reason to prompt user, a configuration file is
> enough.  So what am I missing?
Well, not all use of debconf is bad. For example, libnet-perl is a terrible
misuse of debconf, *but* it can be remedied by dropping the priority of the
questions from medium to low. Another bad example is binutils, which spits
out that silly note even during a new install. If you test that $2 is empty,
don't print it. Unfortunately, I don't want to point out a good usage of
debconf, since I'd only be ringing my own bell.

The barrier here is common sense. Personally, I feel that debconf asking
questions during install is fine, if the priority is correct, and it does
not forget the answers.

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