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Re: stop abusing debconf already

Steve Kowalik wrote:
> Well, not all use of debconf is bad. For example, libnet-perl is a terrible
> misuse of debconf, *but* it can be remedied by dropping the priority of the
> questions from medium to low.

At least libnet-perl is actually asking questions and preserving some
(though not all) user changes to libnet.cfg. Michael's idea to add
a gateway question is probably sufficient to solve the too many
questions thing. I'd be just as happy if it only asked about stuff that
really needs to be configured, such as ftp passive mode though.

> Another bad example is binutils, which spits
> out that silly note even during a new install.


> If you test that $2 is empty,
> don't print it. Unfortunately, I don't want to point out a good usage of
> debconf, since I'd only be ringing my own bell.

I'll ring it for you: xringd is one of the better users of debconf I
have seen, and it gets everything right.

The problem is that with debconf, even 10% of packages getting it wrong
make the whole system into crap. And probably closer to 70% of packages
are currently getting it wrong..

see shy jo

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