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Re: ocaml compiled binaries and rpath

> > > Just ignore it or add a override.
> > 
> > Any reason not to Build-Depend: chrpath, and do 'chrpath --delete' on
> > the result?
> Personnaly i don't know, i am no expert in rpath and don't fully
> understand the issues involved.

If you are adding an rpath to a non-default directory, there is a 
reason for it; like /usr/lib/ocaml-whatever/ .

However, adding rpath to /usr/lib is meaningless, because /usr/lib
is in the standard search path.

So, for cases where rpath to /usr/lib is specified you should probably
look at removing the rpath.
For cases where there are specific reasons to do so (for example,
hiding ocaml related libraries in a subdirectory of /usr/lib/),
then rpath should be kept.


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