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ocaml compiled binaries and rpath


I'm just packaging planets (#187988) which is written in ML and
compiled with ocaml. The problem is that the ocaml linker uses the
rpath feature (i. e. hardcoded libary paths).

It seems to be against Debian policy to use rpath; on the other hand,
the ocaml linker does not seem to allow disabling it (at least the
documentation says nothing about this issue).

lintian says:

W: planets: binary-or-shlib-defines-rpath ./usr/bin/planets
N:   The binary or shared library defines the `RPATH'. Usually this is a
N:   bad thing. Most likely you will find a Makefile with a line like:
N:       gcc test.o -o test -Wl,--rpath
N:   or
N:       gcc test.o -o test -R/usr/local/lib
N:   Please contact debian-devel@lists.debian.org if you have questions
N:   about this.

Does anybody know whether it's possible to avoid that? If not, it is
just a warning, so how bad it would be just to ignore it?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day!

Martin Pitt
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eMail: martin@piware.de

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